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Forex Options Trading is not like Stock Market options, they are very different in their uniqueness and therefore investors find it a lot more attractive than stock trading.

Let us take a moment to learn the basics of options trading. Even if we are familiar with it, it is a good idea to review it one more time. We will start with the absolutely obvious and basic question - what is meant by the word ‘Option’ as it is used in Forex Trading circles?

Option Trading is in effect of contract that gives its possessor the right to buy and sell specific amounts of stock or even other securities. These purchases made are limited to specified prices and will hold good until the expiry date of the contract is reached. Option Tracings’ total cost is determined by factors like asset price, strike price and expiration date. But again pricing is not limited to these factors alone. There is much more to it and Option Pricing will have to be studied independently to gain some more insight and understanding.

Coming back to the basics of option trading - there are only two types of options - ‘calls’ and ‘puts’. Calls and Puts are the basic building blocks of all possible permutations and combinations of option trading. One option unit is equal to 100 units of the underlying stock. Every trade is built with the help of either of them - only calls, only puts, or a combination of both Puts and Calls.

Next, every call or put must have a seller and a buyer. Option Seller has obligations; Option buyer has rights.

Let us discuss ‘call’ at length. A call is a contract that gives its buyer the right to purchase stock at a strike price on a expiration date. The seller in turn is obliged to sell the stock at the strike price. Whereas a ‘put’ is a contract that gives right to the buyer to sell the stock at the strike price upon expiration. The seller is obliged to buy the stock at certain strike price. A trading buying Puts is same as if he is short-selling stocks.

Besides the abovementioned methods, Options can be traded in various combinations, like Credits and Debit Spreads, Ratio Spreads, Iron Condor, Butterfly etc. Credit Spreads are easy, cheap from a paying broker fees point of view, profitable, safe, risk averse and fun.

But before that let us get a clear idea about Option Pricing,. It is something you cannot afford skip if you want to make it as a long term successful Forex trader or want to get into option trading.

Option trading is increasingly becoming more popular with individual professionals and traders, and people are beginning to realize that it is also highly rewarding. However, as we are discussing the plus points of option trading let us also not take the flip side lightly. That in options trading there can be a serious downside to it. If option trading is not understood in clear cut language the trader is likely to lose sight of money that he is going to lose in a speculative venture. Without in-depth study, research and practice on demo account it is indeed very difficult for a beginner to become successful in the field of option trading.

Our next step forward includes a more detailed study to help beginners get a well grounded start which will help them to build a stronger foundation for themselves. Option trading is also referred to as derivatives by many. This is for a couple of reasons. First and foremost because it is derived from stock, and second, because it is derived from the value of the stock or any other commodity. This is where we come back to what we discussed in the beginning to complete the circle. That primarily there are two approaches: call options that allow the holder the right to buy and second put option that gives the holder the right to sell.

After having got through with basics it is time to share some encouraging and good news with the readers. That it is absolutely possible to make money from option trading and it does not require large capital investment initially. This is particularly a happy bit of news which will bring a great deal of relief for beginners who are learning the ropes and would like to test waters with limited budget.

When beginners are learning about option trading they will come across many technical terms which may include strike price, puts, calls, long positions, short positions, hedging, speculation and volatility. If the beginner does his/her home work well and familiarizes herself or himself with these technical terms it would do him a great deal of good when he is trading independently.

There are numerous factors that influence successful Forex (options) trading, which creates the need of strategies to be worked out in advance. For a beginner to evens start attempting a plan what he will need is clear in-depth knowledge & basic objectives in front of him. Like trading small and investing little. This will lead to learning the actual real time lessons, experiencing the real market movements, trading with real money independently, and learning to analyze the market. If he loses, he loses little money and the lessons learnt are priceless.

Before getting into it, the beginner better know that Options trading can be either a goldmine or is also capable of leaving you flat broke. Success will depend upon facts like how comfortable and well equipped are you at choosing your options strategy and managing your portfolio.

There are many different kinds of strategies and philosophies associated with Option trading and each one comes with its own probability and risk tolerance levels. It is for the beginner to take that call based on self help and help from guide or mentor if he can find one.

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